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Producer/Director: Barbara E. Allen

Writer/Producer: Gail F. Baker 

Consulting Producer: Cameron McWhirter

Producer: Evan Allen-Gessesse

Genre:  Documentary


Before Black Lives Mattered or King had a Dream, before Emmett whistled or Colin knelt, there was the RED SUMMER. For seven months in 1919 lynchings, church burnings and a wave of anti-black riots swept the nation. The RED SUMMER was the worst spate of anti-black violence in U.S. history. Forty four cities erupted, including Chicago, Washington DC and San Francisco. —

WINTER BLUES looks at the events of recent years, -- fatal police shootings videotaped and broadcast around the world; riots, protest and the rise of white nationalism -- show racial discord remains a festering problem in our society.

RED SUMMERWINTER BLUES is a cautionary tale and its lessons for modern times have never been more important.

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